Officials Nominations September - December 2017
This Event Is Now Closed.

Welcome to the nominations portal for the ANSW Summer Events prior to Christmas 2017.

To complete this form, you will need to log in with your email address and password. If you are unsure of your password, click 'forgot my password' and follow the instructions. If you have any problems please let me know.  This will also be the same username and password you'll need to enrol as a technical official for the 2017/18 season.

This season we have a variety events for the officials to become involved. These include All-Comers, NSW All Schools, Treloar Shield and the NSW Relay and Club Championships. If you require more information of each event, please click here Summer Series available here.

The majority of listed events hold permit status and will be organised by ANSW. If any independent events contact ANSW to seek officials, I will ask for Expressions of Interest over email.

If you are interested in officiating at an event but are also involved as a participant, please select 'yes' and provide the details in the comment section at the end of the form. Eg: Unavailable between 2pm and 4pm at Event Name due to participating.

Officials who nominate for an event 2 weeks in advance will be noted down as available to be appointed. Those who nominate within two weeks of the event will be put down as reserves. Due to this, it is in your best interest to submit this nomination form as early as possible.

All appointed officials will be notifed via email, along with the appointments being uploaded onto the website.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me


Ashleigh Crook

Officials Coordinator

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